Our organization honors organ, eye and tissue donors; many who have lived life, loved life, shared life, and eventually GAVE life. We hope you find their stories as inspirational as we do!

These Amazing Donors Are The Ultimate Heroes

We feel every organ, eye and tissue donor should be inducted into the Organ Donor Hall of Fame. These amazing donors ARE the ultimate heroes. Our inducted donors presently range from 15 months to 87 years old, although there is no age limit. Please take a moment to read the stories, come back often as we continue to update our heroes, and help us by choosing to honor your loved ones today.

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Our son, Chad, died in 2009. Within six months, we started a non-profit to raise awareness and register organ donors. In 2011, we created the Organ Donor Hall of Fame to honor and remember loved ones who have selflessly chosen to prolong or enhance the lives of others.

every donor has an amazing story

My husband and I researched the Organ Donor Hall of Fame, only to discover it didn't exist! How could that be? Some of the most Heroic people of all, not getting the recognition and HERO status they deserved! Every donor (both living and deceased) has an amazing story that needs to be shared.

Pictured here, Co-Founder Michael Jones

They Chose To Give The Gift of Life

Chad, will never have the opportunity to be inducted into a sports Hall of Fame. Oh, he was great at things and believe us, he IS a hero! Chad donated his heart, liver and both kidneys to four special people who were living a life no one would choose…

Pictured here, Donor Dad Michael Jones, Heart Recipient Larry "Lownote" Johnson with Donor Chad Jones