Zachary Stephen Glover
Organ Donor
Age 16 - Houston, Tx
Date of Donation: 02/04/1998
Memorial Hermann Medical Center; Houston,

Zachary Stephen Glover was born June 14, 1981 and enjoyed 16 years on this planet until February 4, 1998. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage, due to HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia), a rare genetic disorder. In those 16 years, Zac lived life to the fullest and was always seeking new experiences.

Zac joined Boy Scouts as a Tiger Cub in and achieved the rank of Life Scout until other life activities took over. As part of their formal uniforms, his Cub Scout den wore red felt vests covered with patches earned by participating in various activities such as Scout Fair, Cub World, etc.  A Donor patch was advertised in Scouter Magazine and the only criterion was for the boys to have a discussion with their parent about organ donation. I had already signed my driver’s license for that purpose and briefly gave Zac an age-appropriate description of organ donation. He had no questions, but looked up at me solemnly and said “I think that is a real good thing.” He was seven or eight.

Of course, Zac and I talked about the subject many other times and he continued to express his desire to be a donor. In fact, it irritated him that he could not give blood until he was 17. He would have been pleased to know that his gift allowed six other people to live longer lives.

Zac was very creative and left behind a large legacy of artwork and photographs. He was also a skilled debater and was often told that he should be a lawyer. When he applied for the High School for Performing and Visual Arts, he had a portfolio filled with landscapes, abstracts and architecture and was honored to have letters of recommendation from both his debate teacher and his art teacher.

He was accepted in the Theater Tech program, where he learned set design, lighting and other behind the scenes skills. He was most interested in lighting and may have pursued it as a career, although he had a long list of possible career goals, ranging from starting an artist colony in an old church to being a photo journalist. His future was full of unlimited possibilities.

Zachary was intelligent, compassionate, funny, stubborn and loyal to his friends. He was also very generous.  When his uncle gave him a jar of change he had saved over the year, Zac used it to buy Christmas presents for his large extended family and a tradition was established. 

He enjoyed role-playing games, cooking and camping. His favorite places in Houston were the Menil Collection Art Museum and the Houston Arboretum. He listened to classic rock as well as techno music and electronica. His beloved cat, Lennon, was acquired the year Zac discovered the Beatles.

Zac worked at the Texas Renaissance Festival, selling swords and shields before moving to one of shops. He was so beloved by his employers that they thrice awarded a $1000 Zachary Glover Memorial Scholarship. 

Zac was quite a character and is missed very day.


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