Susan McCarty 
Organ Donor
Age: 52   - Rhome, TX
Date of donation: 7/7/2000
Plaza Medical Center; Fort Worth, 


Susan, or Sue as everyone called her, had many titles in her life.  She was called Mom by 3 loving daughters and a stepson.  She was a wife and in-home caretaker of her in-laws with Alzheimer’s and wheelchair bound.  She was a daughter and sister to 2 brothers and a sister.  One of the greatest titles bestowed was to be called friend to hundreds of people.  She never met a stranger and always ran into someone she knew no matter where she was.  She loved to camp Rendezvous style or pre-1840’s.  Many stories were told by a campfire, her coffee pot full and a cast iron pan with some great dish that had you sit to chat for a while.  Sue enjoyed fishing anytime she could get a pole in the water. She was an amazing cook and every holiday meal at her house had family, friends and acquaintances who needed a place to come enjoy fellowship and food.   She made sure anyone she knew would feel welcome and not have a holiday alone if she knew about it. 

She also had 4 amazing grandkids who loved going to Grandma’s house for treats and card games.  July 2000 she was feeling out of sorts and had a doctor’s appointment in 3 days when she had what she thought was a fainting spell.  My dad took her to the hospital to have her looked over when she fainted again only to have her blood pressure crash in the ER.  Scans discovered 3 brain aneurysms – 1 was leaking and in a difficult location.  Surgery was preformed about 36 hours later but she never regained consciousness. 

We always knew her intentions about organ donation.  After hearing stories of friends losing family while awaiting a donor, my mother encouraged us to sign up as an organ donor when we renewed our drivers license. We were able to donate her heart valves, kidneys, liver and pancreas as well as corneas.  Though she is missed in so many ways; I do run into someone who tells me a Sue story. How she paid for a gallon of milk for a desperate single mother who’s credit card wouldn’t work when Mom worked at a convenience store or doing hair for a shut-in before a big event, and always someone remembers something Sue cooked and asks for her recipe.  I still miss our nightly calls – sometimes only for a few minutes to give both of a chance to breath and wind down from the day.  Now in her memory I continue to volunteer with LifeGift as well as through my congregation in the community.  I only hope I can give back to those around me as much as she did.  

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