Stella Espino
Organ Donor
Age 44 - Fort Worth, TX

Stella Espino died unexpectedly at the age of 44 shortly before celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary.  It was such a happy time during the lives of the Espino family because Juan Espino was going to get the chance to marry the love of his life all over again.  In a love story that began with love at first sight it is one that still continues to grow strong, even through Stellas death. It was her lifelong dream to be a donor and when the time came, she did. It all started with one wish and because of her wish, the world is inspired of this amazing story of love and inspiration. Her organs saved several lives and her tissues enhanced several others. Nothing could stop a generous spirit like Stellas. With the help of his beautiful daughters, Juan has been instrumental force in sharing her legacy and their love story with the world!
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