Shawn Wero

Organ Donor
09/04/1977 - 04/27/2010
Date of Donation: 04/27/2010
University of New Mexico Hospital Albuquerque, NM

The story of Shawn Wero.  Yes, plain and simple...Shawn was very informal, impromptu and carefree.  Shawn was a giving person, he loved life to the fullest.  He was a hard worker and a fun worker.  He was gentle, strong and talented.  All these qualities clearly reflected the beautiful human being his love ones adored about him and will cherish.

Shawn started his formal education in Bloomfield, New Mexico.  His childhood years, through his memorable teen years, were filled with constant companions of friends.  Shawn was the youngest of four.  Being the only brother, Shawn was surrounded by his sister's watchful and protective eyes.  Numerous cousins were also part of his everyday life.

His passion for sports excelled as he moved from Elementary to Junior High, upon completion of high school. HIs hard work and commitment brought him recognition throughout his Junior and High School years.  His achievements were MVP, All District Infield and All District Wide Receiver.  Shawn's enthusiam for baseball and football never left him.  His love for the "game" always helped him keep his mind and body in excellent health. 

Shawn made a life in Rio Ranch/Albuquerque, New Mexico, working at Chili's to start.  Shawn loved to cook and took pride in how well he did his work.  Other places he worked were the Olive Garden, and Flying Star.  He worked full time at Arizona Tile.  He spoke highly of his peers at Arizona Tile and how he enjoyed his job there.  The people he worked with were not only peers, they became family.

Shawn Wero truly was a gift, not only to his family, his Navajo People, even to strangers.  This act of making  family, friends and strangers smile and happy was his gentle way of communicating.  His smile was dynamic and mesmerizing.  His mesmerizing smile drew so many girls, he was irresistible.  He was quick to establish friendships.

His final and noble gesture is the gift giving he has shown us by the donation of his organs.  Shawn was so close to his immediate family and select friends and shared how much he loved life and what it is he planned even after his death.  He did not discrimniate, it didn't matter to him  if you were brown, black, white, yellow or polka dot.  He gave the gift of life, himself to medicine so others would live.  A chance for others to keep their loved ones a while longer just as he was able to enjoy his Dad, George, the rest of his own life.  When Shawn saw how his sister Sabrina gave of herself, a kidney for their Father, he too set an example of "The Gift of Life" by giving his own, a part of himself to others.  He was not selfish, he was giving of himself and loving life.  He lived life to the fullest.  
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