Shane A. Hawk

Organ Donor
Age 18 - Atascocita, TX
Date Of Donation: 5/24/10
Hospital: Memorial Hermann, Houston

My son Shane A. Hawk was born on September 9, 1991 and died on May 22, 2010 in a tragic car accident, He was 18 years old. The night of his accident Shane and his girlfriend Keyona where coming home from a friends house, when the car in front of him suddenly stopped and make a sharp right turn into a parking lot. Shane swerved left to miss the car and over corrected causing him to loose control of his car and hit a tree head on. Both Shane and Keyona where Life flighted from the scene. Shane had server head trauma and never woke up. He was later pronounced brain dead. Keyona had non life threaten injuries, and today is still a big part of my life.


Shane was full of life and lived his life to the fullest. There never was a dull moment around him, he loved to prank people and had the most awesome laugh. His laugh alone would make others join in. His true passion in life was bass fishing; His other pass times included skateboarding, playing his guitar and his Xbox. I remember so many times coming home from work and he and his friends would be in the living room with every instrument we owned plus some they owned making music as Shane would say. Shane never got to graduate High School; he was two weeks away from getting his diploma. He worked for North Houston Pole Line and wanted to become a High Voltage Lineman.


Shane was an organ donor; He saved 5 people and has given them all a 2nd chance in life. He also was a tissue and eye donor. He continues to live on through all the recipients who carry a piece of him with them. Shane had many friends while he walked this earth, and still to this day continues to touch peoples lives with his contagious personality. He is truly missed and loved by everyone who knew him and even the ones that never meet him.


Shane was Native American, and the Dragonfly symbolizes The Souls of the Dead. Shane is his mums dragonfly. Ever time I see a Dragonfly; I think of Shane and know he is with me.

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