Sarah Elizabeth Izzo
Organ Donor
Age 12 - Austin, TX
Date of Donation: 10/05/95
Breckenridge Hospital; Austin,

Sarah went outside to play around 3:40 on the afternoon of Oct. 4th and never came back home. Sarah and her 10 year old sister, Phoebe, and two friends from school were going to a meeting that night at the church where they all attended. Sarah never went near the highway before, but apparently the girls decided to go look at the new playground of a day care that had recently opened. A 31 year old woman, who didn't have time to slow down because she was running late for work, hit Sarah on the side of the road. Sarah lived 15 hours and died the next morning, 10 days before her 13th birthday.

Sarah was a bright and shining star to her family and to everyone that knew her. The large star is a symbol of the light and joy she brought to all of us. The five smaller stars are symbolic of the five people who received Sarah's organs and a second chance at life. Even though Sarah's death brought unbearable pain and darkness, knowing others were helped through the gift of life has brought some light back into our lives and has been a great source of comfort.

The clouds remind me of the vision I saw on the way home from the hospital the morning Sarah died. It hurt to open my eyes in the bright sunlight because of the lack of sleep and all the crying. As a friend drove me home, I rode with my eyes closed. All of a sudden I noticed clouds forming and then immediately the clouds parted and I could see an eye. Instantly I knew it was Sarah and by the look in her eye, I knew she was up to something. As soon as I recognized it was Sarah, the clouds parted even more. Just enough to show Sarah's face. She was beautiful beyond words and radiant with love, joy and peace. The vision of Sarah immediately disappeared, but I'll never forget it. I consider it a special gift from God to keep me focused on Heaven and the promise that I'll be reunited with Sarah one day soon.


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