Sara Guzman

Living Kidney Donor

My name is Sara Guzman,  Living Kidney Donor to my husband.


Organ Donation has touched my life in so ways, starting off with my husband, Julian, being diagnosed with Liver Failure in 2005, and was on the waiting list 16 months, When he received the call that they had a liver for him.

He received his Liver Transplant On  02/20/07, and done great, was able to go back to work, do the normal everyday things He was not able to do when he was so sick before transplant.


In December 2009, Julian  was diagnosed with Kidney Failure, again put on the list and In the meantime I got tested to see if I could donate a kidney to him, I was found to be A match and on July 27th, 2010 I donated a kidney to my husband and best friend. Within 3 days, we were both home, but two weeks later Julian was admitted back into

The hospital and but due to other complications he unexpectedly passed away on November 1st,  2010.


Julian deceased liver donor Sandra had decided before her death that she wanted to become A Organ Donor according to the family who live in Dallas, so therefore they are very happy That she was able to help others.


The  family is in contact with us and they live in Dallas, and because of her we had those extra years with Julian, and we are so Thankful.
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