Sabrina Wero

Living Donor

I’m a living kidney donor for my father George Wero.  Being a living donor and what that means to me, by the grace of God I have been able to enjoy years of my father’s companionship.   It’s been ten years and counting since my kidney donation.  What a small gesture of “paying it forward,” knowing I have given the gift of time,  for others to share.  This gift of time is not only from me, it’s also  by God’s grace and His abundant love.                 

It’s a selfless decision that I made with  understanding that I needed to make lifestyle changes for my body and mind.  I don’t  think what I did was so special, I just wanted to live life with my dad.  The thought of him not being there to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day, for the birth of his grandchild, and being present for other life events was what I could not comprehend for myself and my family. 

Being Native American (Navajo) I made the decision to break from Native American traditions which frowns on organ donation.  I respect and value my culture.  However I was taught to help and be kind to all human beings.  How could I refuse extending “LIFE” to my  father.  

My kidney donation and my father’s transplant has brought me to realize how precious and beautiful it is to be alive.  Furthermore how glorious it’s been to grow older with my dad.  Whenever opportunities arise, my family and I use my story to educate our native people and others about living organ donation as well as tissue and organ donation after one passing.  My story is simply  “Donate Life.”






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