Robert Nicholas Husak
Organ Donor
Age 19 - Morrison, CO
Date Of Donation: 5/26/11
Hospital: Anthony's Hospital, Denver

Robert was born February 3, 1992. In September 1993 he welcomed his one and only sister. They were the closest of friends and confidants. He welcomed brothers in May 1997, May 2006 and December 2007.

Robert was enrolled into preschool in 1996 and there he met his best friend, who is still his (and his sister’s) best friend to this day.  They were inseparable.

Robert graduated from high school in 2010, right on time!  He also attended a vocational school where studied Hotel & Hospitality.  He had a goal someday owning his own chain of hotels. One of his other aspirations was to open an online hobby store specializing in Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  He LOVED his Yu-Gi-Oh cards!!  He would carry them everywhere.

Robert loved his video games as well. From the day the very first Game Boy came out he had always had to have the system...and his cell phone. He was an amazingly accurate artist and could free-hand draw anything.

He was always fond of animals, cats and kittens especially. We owned 2 dogs and 9 cats in his life. 

On May 6, 2011 he was sitting at the kitchen table with his step dad and expressed that he would not want to live if he was ever injured to the point of not being able to understand or function on his own.  (His step dad is a home health care provider who takes care of catastrophically injured patients.)  We had no idea that this discussion would lead to his organ donation within the month.

On May 20, 2011 Robert was sitting on a bench at a playground talking with a childhood friend. A truck lost control and hit the bench. He was crushed and trapped in the wreckage for over 20 minutes before the jaws of life were able to free him well enough to receive medical attention. He was airlifted to the top trauma hospital in the region. Although we tried to hold onto hope after six days it was clear that his condition was worsening, even on life support and the final decision was made to donate while there was still time.  We are thankful that he had recently discussed it with us, making it a more sound decision on our family’s part.

During those six days there was a constant vigil people who knew and loved him. Even teachers from elementary school came to pay him a visit. That is the type of impression Robert left on the lives of those he touched in his 19 years.

Robert was friends with people of all ages and genders.  He was always there to lend a helping hand and was a guy who could never say no to a friend in need.

We are honored that Robert was able to help others with his donations.  It is what he wanted.  This decision has given us strength in times of weakness.  Thank you for helping to make Robert a hero in the tragedy of his death.

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