Raymundo V Gonzalez, Sr
Organ Donor
Age 78 - San Antonio, TX
Date of Donation: 06/10/2008
UT Health Science Center;San Antonio, TX

Our father was a very loving, giving man, firmly committed to his family and his country. He spent more than 30 years in the Air Force and practiced military principles — including honor, respect and duty — in his everyday life. 

Dad was very intelligent and had an insatiable appetite for learning.  An honorable man, he would never think to lie, steal or take what wasn’t his due.  Though he was the “silent type,” he was very strong and always available if you needed him.  He was very respectful of others and taught us by example to be respectful as well.  “Yes, ma’am” and “no, sir” were routine responses when speaking to our elders.

Our dad’s love for his family was unconditional. Because he was always ready to show his love, we all knew without a doubt that we were loved. He had no hobbies but often said that his hobbies were his family.  He taught us to honor and respect our selves.  His high expectations for himself and his family encouraged us to strive for excellence in everything we set out to do. When my mother was alive, he would be at the ready for what he called “his marching orders.” He loved music, especially from the 1940s and 50s, and some of our fondest memories came from watching Mom and Dad dance.  
Our father was a patriot, so proud of his country and his service in the Air Force as a flight engineer. During his military career, he was able to see much of the world.  Flying was his passion. After he retired, it was evident how much he missed flying by the look on his face when he saw a plane.  

Because Dad was a generous man, our family had no reservations about donating his liver. He would be very proud to know his selfless action saved a life and prevented another family from suffering a loss. And he would have loved the recipient and called him “son,” just as we call him “brother.”



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