Philip Mark Landrum-Hazen
Organ Donor
Age 17 - Houston, TX
Date of Donation:  07/21/2003
Memorial Hermann Hospital; Houston, TX 

Philip was born on October 28, 1985.  He was the youngest of 3 children with an older brother, Stephen and sister, Melissa.  Philip's smile would light up a room and there wasn't anyone who met him who didn't like him.  He was always the tallest kid in his grade but he had the softest heart.  He defended the underdog and could talk his way out of just about anything.

In elementary school, Philip decided he wanted to be President of the United States and was determined to visit the White House, Liberty Bell and Statue of Liberty.  His paternal grandmother made sure those dreams were met along with visiting many major league baseball parks along the way. He promised his mom that one day he would move her into the white house and had always let her know that he would take care of her.   Philip cherished the time spent with his mother, the two of them were inseparable.  

Philip played pop warner football for the Pearland Patriots and was known among his teammates as Moose.  He played little league baseball and YMCA basketball.  He, his brother and step dad Gary had many an afternoon playing video games and he was well known for not being the best loser.  Many a time the game was turned off if he was losing. He loved to go fishing with his dad Mark and big brother and looked forward each year to tubing down the Guadalupe River with his family.  His sissy Melissa tried hard to make sure he never left the house as a fashion nightmare.

As he grew he took up golf along with his brother Stephen, there wasn't much that his big brother did that he didn't want to do the same.   Philip was blessed with a sharp mind and excelled in mathematics and science.  While a junior in high school, he also was taking courses at Alvin Community College and San Jac College.  He planned to attend UT San Antonio and become a civil engineer and architect.    

On a beautiful Saturday July 19, 2003 at 11:00 a.m. we received a phone call from his best friend saying Philip had an auto accident and we needed to come quick.  Philip was airlifted to the hospital. Later we were told our son's injuries were severe with little chance for recovery.  As a family, we knew we had to make something good come out of this horrible tragedy.  July 21, 2003 Philip was declared dead and we donated his heart, lungs, liver and kidney along with numerous tissues to research, in particular heart research.  He was 17 years old at the time of his death.

Philip loved his family, siblings, cousins and friends.  He was the light of the family.  We believe that the dragonfly represents Philip's spirit and brings us all great joy to see the dragonfly soar.    There is not a day that goes by that we don't miss him.  He is forever in our hearts.

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