Omar Sebastian Cardenas
Organ Donor
Age 9 - Laredo, TX
Date of Donation:  03/19/2012
University Hospital; San Antonio, 

Omar was born December 13th 2002. We were a young couple in love and his birth strengthened our bond.  We knew he would be brilliant as he began reaching each milestone with ease. He wanted to be an astronaut and float in the sky.  We knew it was possible, but never thought it would be so soon that he would be just like an astronaut; an Angel in the sky and so far away from home.   He was a large part of our lives and the lives of our families. He was not only our first born, but he was also the first grandson and great grandson. 
Our son was loved by many in ways that are indescribable.  We grew up together. He showed us how to live, and is the reason we still have the strength to continue life without him.  He left behind a younger brother and sister, that although are so young, exhibit so many of the same traits.  Their brother was an extraordinary 9 year old boy, talented, respectful, and athletic. He was an outstanding 3rd grader involved in various extracurricular activities including: Cross Country, Track, Art Club, and Basketball. He was an “Honor Roll” student with perfect attendance and always had a smile on his face.  Looked up to by all his peers and educators, Omar did not mind lending a helping hand.  His instructors tell us he was especially nice to an autistic child in his homeroom class.  He was a member of the EliteCKore Dance Crew and participated in local contests and shows, he loved dancing to the beat of Party Rock and Dubstep Music with his red shiny shoes. 

Following a motor vehicle accident and two days in the ICU, doctors confirmed their diagnosis and we learned that Omar would not recover from his injuries.  As parents we felt helpless and March 18th, 2012 was the roughest day in our lives.  I anticipated the outcome and knew he was a healthy child, so I myself, walked down the hospital hall for an Organ Donation brochure.  Although organ donation was never discussed with him, we knew, without a doubt that is what he would’ve wanted.  It was the hardest decision and longest two days of our lives as the organs were matched up with recipients.  Months later we were pleased to receive news that his organs were successfully transplanted; this helped 3 males ages 1, 19 and 20 as well as a 51 year old woman.  We have peace in our hearts knowing that because of his donation, he lives happily in the lives of his recipients. 

Omar’s story was an inspiration to the community and a miracle for those four individuals waiting for a match. We are extremely proud of our Angel and are certain he is proud of us for being so generous and giving the gift of life!


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