ODHOF Introduction

Everyone wants to be in the Hall of Fame.  Whether you are a high school football player dreaming of the National Footbal League, a little league player dreaming of Major League Baseball, or a middle school student dreaming of the National Basketball Association, your dreams are always the same.  You score the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, you hit a gland slam in the bottom of the ninth inning in the final game of the World Series, or you make that winning three point shot, in overtime (at home) with one second left on the time clock, in the seventh game of the NBA Finals.  The crowd goes WILD, chanting your name.  "We are the Champions....we are the champions....of the World!"  Imagine it.  You know you have.  You WANT to be the HERO!

Now, fast forward five years.  Nominations for the Hall of Fame are being announced. It's the first year you are eligible.  You WANT to hear your name called. "Please choose me for the Hall of Fame.  Please, please, please!"  And it happens!  Your name is announced and you are inducted into the Hall of Fame in front of adoring fans and national media.  Feels fantastic, doesn't it?

Our son, Chad, will never have the opportunity to be inducted into a sports Hall of Fame.  Oh, he was great at things...and believe us, he IS a hero!  He is the most important hero to four special people.  Our son died June 15, 2009 and donated his heart, liver and kidneys to four people who were living a life no one would want...dialysis (four to five hours a day, 3 days a week, for years) a pacemaker inserted to keep the heart beating at a steady rhythm, waiting for their beepers to go off, hoping and praying this would be their chance to lead a "normal" life.

Chad  would not have wanted it any other way.  He was a loving, caring, giving individual (as every organ donor is) and if he could provide a life for someone else, when his time on earth was done, he would do it (as they say) in a hearbeat!  That's just the way Chad was.  Truthfully though, this is a common thread among organ donors.  Most often, they put other people's needs in front of their own.

Our organization, Donate 4 Life, has chosen this way to honor  all organ, eye and tissue donors.  We feel every organ donor should be inducted into the Organ Donor Hall of Fame. These amazing donors are just as much a hero, if not more, than any high paid sports figure.  Please help us by honoring your loved ones!
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