Nikolas Coltan Evans
Organ Donor
Age 21 - Austin, TX
Date of Donation: 04/06/2009
Brackenridge Hospital; Austin TX

My son, Nikolas Coltan Evans, was loved by all who came into contact with him. He was funny, compassionate and loving. He was the glue that kept his circle of friends together after high school ended and college life began.

Nikolas loved his family, friends, dog, Sinatra, and his girlfriend. He was honest and fair so donating his organs was not a hard decision and one I know he would have made himself. He wrote screenplays and poetry and was accepted into the film school at UCLA before his untimely death. He had big brown eyes and a charisma about him that was 2nd to none.

Always the peace keeper, Nikolas was killed trying to break up an altercation on 6th street, in Austin. He wanted kids-3 boys-and a wife. He had an old soul so he understood things as a child that I would be amazed about! Nikolas was smart and beautiful. He worked hard and studied harder. He was an avid runner.

The amount of people at Nikolas' funeral proved to us that he was an outstanding boy and becoming an even more outstanding man. He was 21 when he became our Angel son. We raised a good man. We are forever proud of the person he was and still is.

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