Morgan Joseph Moss
Organ Donor
Age 25 - Austin, TX
Date of Donation: 04/10/2011
Memorial Hospital; Gulfport, MS

Morgan was our first born son. He was a very gifted photographer and artist with a wonderful, dry sense of humor. He was a loyal friend to so many.  He was blessed with good looks, charm, a creative spirit and was a deep soul. He was born and raised in the Houston area where he found his love for the camera and interest in skateboarding. He was quite active and enjoyed riding his bike around Austin, as well as snowboarding, music festivals and camping. Morgan loved Austin!! After graduating with two degrees from The University of Texas in RTF and Journalism, he went to work on the BP Oil Spill, in Mississippi, as an ITP Technology Specialist. It was there the accident occurred.

It was April 3, 2011 that changed our lives forever . It was the phone call every parent fears. We received a phone call from the hospital that Morgan and his girlfriend had been involved in a horrible car accident on I-10 coming back from New Orleans. Lauren passed away at the scene and Morgan lived one week in ICU where he never woke from a coma, after the severe brain trauma that occurred in the accident. The decision for Morgan to become an Organ Donor was made after consulting both family and his close friends. It seems he had discussed organ donation with his friends which made our decision much easier. Morgan’s gift of life was made to a kidney recipient in Florida, as well as tissue and cornea donation. We hope to meet some of them one day. As a result of this terrible tragedy our family has all become organ donors.

Morgan's passion for the arts and skateboarding lives on today. You will find a bench at the Joe Jamail Skatepark,  as well as two benches at the Austin Skatepark in Morgan’s Memory. We have also started the Morgan Moss Foundation that was created to provide photography equipment to schools in Texas and Morgan’s  dream of becoming a professional photographer can be passed on to others .

We are so proud of him and all he accomplished in his short time here on earth. He is missed daily by so many that loved him and his kind spirit lives on in all of us.
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