Meagan "May" Rough

Organ Donor
Age 19 - Lubbock, TX
Date of Donation: 12/07/2012
University Medical Center: Lubbock, TX

Our daughter, Meagan Michelle Rough, was 19 years old and was the oldest of our two children. She has a younger brother who is 18. His name is Kody who is a Senior in High School. She grew up in a rural small town, Kaufman, Texas. She has always been a very active and athletic child and popular with her peers. She excelled in Academics, Volleyball, Softball, Track and Cheerleading. She was steadily voted as a class favorite, class officer, homecoming courts and served as FFA Officer, actively involved in county shows and many other clubs and organizations throughout high school. She became a registerd organ donor at age 16.

Meagan served her communities in MANY forms including volunteer hours, coaching, tutoring, mission work and ministries. She was artistic, loved fashion and music, a dancer, not so great at singing (although she wanted to be), loved to shop, loved to play, loved to travel, loved the country life and loved the city life. As one of the friendliest people you could ever meet, she made new friends everywhere she went and she was well liked and loved among her peers and community. She was an employee at Camp Ozark, a Christian children’s summer camp in Mt. Ida Arkansas as a camp counselor. Meagan donated all of her earnings back to the camp so that children who could not afford it could attend.

Meagan took very good care of herself and was adamant about good nutrition, health and fitness. She had dreams and goals of becoming a doctor and a mother of 7-9 children! A very ambitious young lady. She was a Pre-Med student at Texas Tech University finishing up on her second year after just three semesters at college as a Biochemistry major with a double minor in Nutritian and Biology. She was only 3 final exams away from being one full semester ahead when she was killed by a drunk driver.

Meagan, “May,” was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority of the Gammi Phi chapter, Texas Tech Student Alumni Board and of the First Baptist Church Youth Group for College Students “Paradigm Ministries” as well as E-Life Church in Lubbock Texas. She was baptized in the Church of Christ at the age of 11 and steadily attended with her family when at home. She loved worship and attending many churches, revivals, devotionals and praise teams.

Meagan was fastened in her seatbelt in the passenger seat of her car when a large pick-up truck sped down the residential street they had just begun traveling on and hit them from behind at approximately 110 miles per hour, busting the entire back of her car off of the front half and ejecting Meagan from behind. She suffered severe head injuries and endured very aggressive actions to save her life, including a craniectomy. These efforts were not enough and, among other injuries, she died of blunt force trauma to her head.

Meagan’s gifts of life were her Heart, Pancreas, Kidneys, Liver and Corneas.

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