Matthew Self
Organ Donor
Age 17 -  McKinney, TX 
Date of Donation: 03/13/2004
Baylor Hospital ; Dallas, TX

Matthew Wayne Self was born in McKinney, Texas on September 28, 1986. 

He loved football, fishing, and cars but most of all just being with his family and friends.  Family was so very important to him.  I don't think he ever met a stranger and he could strike up a conversation with just about anyone he met. Matt had a dream of going to college and playing football and then beoming a coach.  He had a way with kids and he wanted to share his love with them.  

On March 12, 2004 our whole world turned upside down.  Matt was shot along with three other people in McKinney.  He was the only survivor that night and was on life support until March 13.  Matt and I had talked on numerous occasions about organ donation.  As we sat in the hospital room talking with family members and close friends about what to do, the decision to donate his organs was what he would have wanted.  He would have given anything for others to be happy and free to live life at its fullest.   

Matt had strong Christian faith and belief's which led to helping others.  Since Matt passed away I have had several people tell us that his death opened their eyes and led them to Christianity.  I know he is smiling because God was so important to him. 

Matt had piercing blue eyes that saw the good in all people.  He had a smile that was so infectious you just had to smile back.  His heart was so big that you could feel it beat just by hugging him.  He has the soul of an angel. 


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