Marjorie Daw Randerson
Organ Donor
Age 84 - Houston, Tx
Date of Donation:  04/05/2005
Memorial Hermann Hospital; Houston, TX


Roy and Marjorie Daw were born in Oklahoma. He was her older brother's best friend from age 11. A few years later, he noticed there was a lot more interesting about her than when she was just the pesky little sister down the block. They eloped on his 20th birthday. No one thought it would last, but they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary before Marjorie Daw died.

They made their permanent home in Houston, but spent wonderful years in the international oil business, living in Lagos, Nigeria, and London, England, before coming home to Texas. They had two daughters. Their oldest died of cancer at age 39 and donated her body to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston where she worked for many years. Roy and Marjorie Daw were impressed with this gesture and, in her honor, made sure their bodies also would go toward organ donation and medical research. 

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