Loren Amber Gutierrez
Organ Donor
Age 24 - Odessa, TX
Date of Donation: 01/03/2011
Medical Center Hospital; Odessa, TX


Loren Amber Gutierrez was born on 12/24/87 and passed away on 1/3/11. Her vehicle accident occurred on 12/18/10 and spent her Birthday, Christmas and New Years in a coma.  She almost came out of it once.  Her childhood was spent with a lot of love.  She was born happy and smiling all the time and complained only a handful of times, mostly when she was hungry (joke).  I nicknamed Loren the "bottomless pit".  She went to George H. W. Bush Elementary and was part of the original Challenger Kids when Mrs. Barbara Bush showed up to dedicate the new school. She also attended Bonham Elementary and was part of the GEM program (Gifted Education Midland), chosen for their high grades, attendance, etc.  She wrote her first article in their newspaper (The Flying Times Express) on Dec, 1999, 12 years old at the time, titled “On His Way”. It was about a 17 year old boy she interviewed who made the National Merit Scholar list.  He ended up going to Rice University.

By year 2000 she had already received numerous awards: Honor Choir (sang in our church choir too, while her brother Eric played the violin), Number Sense Club, Science Fair finalist, Strings Club, Perfect Attendance, to name a few.  Went to San Jacinto Junior High and graduated for Midland High School. She only took a few basic classes in Midland Junior College, due to full time job, but had talked about transferring to San Antonio, Texas to continue school there with a work assisted program from Maximus, a Government Call Center. Loren was a supervisor there and helped people get health insurance, food stamps, emergency relief, especially after Hurricane Katrina, she loved that job.  Loren was musically talented like many in the family.   Played the Viola, Bassoon (called the instruments of the Gods), and the Cymbals during band marching season. She worked during High School years at Ci Ci's Pizza, Kohl's, and The Olive Garden only because she wanted too, she had too much energy. She was in the Girl Scouts starting as a Brownie until her junior year in high school, many cookies later.   Also active with St Ann's Catholic Church Youth Group, helping with fund raisers to Christmas caroling. Both son Eric and Loren would go on ministry trips into central Mexico with myself and my cousin Martha founder of Flames of Love International Ministries, helping take food, clothing, both enjoyed going and helping.  

Loren just had such a positive effect on so many as an adult and teen. Her smile and personality was so contagious, she would just cheer up your gloomiest day when she walked into the room, many have told me, but I knew that already. Her Rosary (viewing) and funeral mass were standing room only. Our Angel Loren is missed, but she earned her invitation to Heaven early for doing all she was expected to do in a life time, but did it much sooner.  She was on Earth for a short time, but with Jesus forever.  



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