Kate Alison Bronstein
Organ Donor
Age 19 - Houston, TX
Date of Donation: 11/15/2007
St Luke's Hospital; Houston, TX

Kate Alison Bronstein was a 19 year old sophomore at Baylor University when she died on November 14, 2007. She double majored in art history and international studies and was a member of the Kappa Delta sorority, where she served as the special events coordinator. 

Kate had a loving heart and cared deeply for her family and friends. She was a strong-willed and focused individual who knew what she wanted in life and pursued it with a passion. Fellow students described Kate as ambitious, dedicated, joyful, and a friend who was always there for others. Her choice to be an organ donor, so that others could live, is a testament to her unselfish spirit. She will be dearly missed by her parents, sister, and all who knew and  loved her.

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