Kaleb Tauren Fitzgerald

Organ Donor
Age 30 - Fort Worth, TX
Date Of Donation: 6/1/11
Hospital: John Peter Smith Hospital

My son’s story may shed a different light on the Honor of Donor.  Kaleb had led a rather wandering troubled life since a young teenager. His heart was good his choices were not.   The past five years a change in his demeanor and attitude and his toying with drugs and alcohol landed in him Jail several times. The Intervention followed by Rehab in 2010 was successful for a while and relapse occurred worse than before and he violated his Probation and sentenced to 30 days at Tarrant County Jail.

On his 4th day in Jail he attempted suicide, revived enough to start his heart beating, but not enough oxygen to the brain for consciousness and was on life support for 9 days. His drug-induced coma for 5 days was to calm his seizures so no further damage to his body occurred.

Then the process of Organ Donation and the matching recipient wait.  I had given Kaleb a LifeGift hand calendar in early 2010 shortly after his return from Rehab. My cousin Linda Lupher a volunteer for LifeGift shared several promotional items with me that I shared with Kaleb.

On October 2, 2010 he registered himself with Texas Registry Organ Donor.  Kaleb gifted 2 kidneys and a liver as his contribution to Life on June 1, 2011. Kaleb will always be remembered for his Passion and Love for Nature and the Bike Paths of Life we travel will “Ride On” to higher levels of Spiritual understanding in time. Our saying through Life was “I’ll Always Love You….No Matter What”

In Honor of my Beloved Son, Kaleb Tauren Spracklen Fitzgerald!

Love Always, Mom
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