Joseph Franklin Campbell
Organ Donor
Age 43 - Houston, TX
Date of Donation: 05/11/2004
Memorial Hermann Hospital; Houston, 


There is so much to say about my brother, I don’t even know where to start. He was a great brother, son, uncle & father, best friend, tall at 6’3”, a huge heart, good looking & had great legs.  He was caring, loving, emotional, passionate, funny, liked good jokes, played all sports in school. He was really good at all of them. Football, baseball and basketball. His team mates always counted on him.  His favorite NFL team was the “Raiders”.

He loved to draw too. Our grandma had that talent, and  we always said he must have gotten that from her.  He had a lot of passion for cars, he restored and completed a Mach I.  He painted it a beautiful medium blue, it was his favorite color. He loved the holidays. Thanksgiving and Easter was always at his house.  He loved frying the turkey, that was his big deal. He raised and loved his daughter,Ashley, and she was his life.
He taught her and his step son, Chad, softball and was their coach and mentor.

My brother and I were the 2 youngest of 5 children, it was like “US” against the world, he was my protector and my best friend.  We looked out for each other, dated each other's friends, we were like glue. We both worked downtown. He would come to my work and get me for a break. We would go outside and talk for our 15 minutes and then go back to work.

Not many brothers like him.We were both single parents, raising our kids. We lived only 20 minutes from each other. We had a lot in common.

He was a jack of all trades, he was my mover, plumber, electrician, maintenance man,
and my mechanic. He was the BEST brother a sister could have. I miss him and our life growing up together every single minute.

This man was so loved that his nephew,Christopher, got a tattoo of the same lion that
my brother had on his arm. His step son, Chad, plans to get one too.

I didn’t really understand why my mom donated all of his organs, tissues and even legs
after his motorcycle accident. But I do now, and I am so glad she did.

He was a REAL MAN, and was in the U.S. Navy and fought in Desert Storm.
We will miss him forever. WE LOVE YOU JOE.

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