Jerry Krimbill
Living Donor
October 21,2009
Christus Santa Rosa
San Antonio, TX


I would like to nominate my dad to the Organ Donor Hall of Fame. He donated one of his kidneys to me in October of 2009 when I was sixteen years old.

My dad is my hero and has been my whole life. He has made many sacrifices to give me the best life possible. I was unexpectedly born with kidney failure. I began dialysis when I was five days old. I have no recollection of my early days, but I know my parents worked very hard to keep me alive by hooking me up to a dialysis machine at home every night. My dad had no medical training, but he learned everything he needed to know to take care of me. He even learned to give me shots, and he really hates shots!
When I became a Boy Scout, my dad agreed to go one every campout with me. That way I would have someone there to help me remember to take my medications and help me with everything while I was camping. I was able to become an Eagle Scout with his support.

My dad is a dedicated member of our church and he serves on many committees. He is a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and I am very proud of his service to our country. My dad runs to keep himself healthy and inspires me to stay healthy, too. He works very hard to provide for our whole family and we are very blessed.

The day of the transplant was so memorable. My dad and I were in the same pre-operative waiting room. He was joking around and making sure that I was relaxed before the surgery. As the nurses were wheeling him out of the room first and I remember thinking how awesome it was that he was so cool about going into surgery. He waved at me and then fell asleep before they had even gotten out of the doorway. I know I shouted “Thanks, Dad,” but I am not sure that he could hear me.  Before I knew it, they came to take me to the operating room next to my dad’s. It seemed like no time at all, and I woke up. My mom said my first words were, “I want to see my dad.”

My dad’s selfless donation has given me a much better quality of life. I am no longer on dialysis and I can travel and do anything I want to do. He never really thought about this as a sacrifice- he always said he was just happy to be able to help me out. I think of it as giving me life, not just helping me out. He is my hero and that is why I am nominating him to the Organ Donor Hall of Fame.

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