Hunter Mason Browning
Organ Donor
Age 8 - Scurry, TX
Date of Donation: 07/18/2007
Children's Medical Center; Scurry, TX

Hunter Browning was 8 when an ATV accident took his life. Big brother, Austin, age 12, knew that help was urgent. He ran quickly over a mile to get his mom, and together they arranged the necessary emergency assistance. Hunter's life was not saved by those heroic actions, yet, ironically, their very effort has saved the lives of four strangers. Austin's quick thinking and immediate decision-making belied his youth. His was the reaction of a trained soldier, policeman, fireman or other first responder: decisive.

Hunter’s parents, Art and Cheryl, also had a decisive action to make at the hospital.  When the doctor spoke to them of considering organ donation they didn’t hesitate.  They both agreed that this is what Hunter would want since he had always had such a giving heart.

Hunter was a blond, blue-eyed, energetic, healthy, active young man who smiled often and demonstrated his love for family and friends. He had been involved in every aspect of their white-tailed deer operation on their farm, the Upper Oxbow Ranch. Austin had been his pal and model. He had been looking forward to the day they could open the lodge for a bed and breakfast getaway.  It has been a comfort and joy for the Browning family to get acquainted with the recipients of Hunter’s organs, and their families. 

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