Gabriel Alexander Comedy
Organ Donor
Age - 21 months: San Angelo, 

Gabriel Alexander Comedy is a 21 month old toddler who passed away on October 1, 2011, due to lack of oxygen to the brain. He was a child with so much life and spirit in him that we question every day since that day on why god decided to take him home. Well it took a while to find out that answer but we did. It was to raise awareness on organ donation and the opportunity to Cherish and love the fact of having children in our everyday lives.

Gabriel was such an outgoing child. He had  a smile and laughter that no matter who was angry or fighting in a room, he would come in the room and just change everyone's attitude and make everyone be in a better mood.Gabriel  loved being with his parents and family at all times. He loved watching anything on the Disney Channel, especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Gabriel's all time favorite cartoon was Spongebob Squarepants.

His mother's favorite memory of him is that she would sing a particular song to him as she was rocking him to sleep and no matter if he was awake or not he would smile at the very last of the song. His father's favorite memory is that he just had a very special son with that he had so many memories.

We know Gariel would want this message to go out to all families, that is to cherish your children no matter what they have done. Kids are the future and we need to teach and guide them to the best future their imagination can take them. Also, that organ donation can turn a tragedy of a lost one to a miracle of saving one. Organ donation can make a difference.

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