Fernanda (Fergy) Rodriguez
Tissue Donor
Age 15 months - Houston, TX
Date of Donation: 09/29/2011
Memorial Hermann Hospital; Houston, TX


Fernanda Valentina Rodriguez, lovingly known as “Fergy” was a sweet, beautiful and smart toddler.  God sent Fergy to David and Nancy on June 3, 2010 at 9:09am.  She weighed 9.6 lbs and was 20 ¾ inches long.  Fernandita was a beautiful baby, the first grandchild to Martha and Jaime parents of Nancy and the 20th grandchild to Aristeo and Juanita, David’s parents. 

Fergy was, and is, a blessing to her family.  She brought love, laughter, blessings and life to all; in the family and the church community.  Fergy was loved by everyone who met her.  Fernandita always had a special relation with our Lord and the Virgin Mary. Every morning, she would pray to our Lord and Virgin Mary putting her little hands together, have a conversation with them, and laugh.  At the end of the prayer, she would blow a kiss to our Lord and the Virgin Mary through the window looking at the sky. Fergy loved going to church every week to attend mass.  The ushers, Father Ramiro, Father Ed and our community knew Fernandita pretty well and loved her very much.  Father Ramiro and Father Ed would ask for Fergy if she missed mass.  She was and still is loved very much.  Father Ramiro and Father Ed call her “our little angel.”  Fernandita was honored at our church with a garden that was designed for her.  The garden is full of little angel statues to remember Fernandita.

As Fergy got older and managed to speak a few words, she was using her limited vocabulary at that time to let her family know what she needed or wanted to do.  Fernandita was a very active toddler, always running, jumping, laughing, talking and reading.  Fergy loved to “read.”  She had a many books and would pretend that was reading. 

Her aunt Rebeca and uncle Danny would take care of her while her parents were at work.  Fergy loved her uncle Dany and would call him “papa.”   Danny and Rebeca loved her very much. Fernandita was another daughter to them; not a grandniece.  Danny and Rebeca have two daughters; Ashley and Alexis.  Ashley and Alexis would play with Fernandita and take her everywhere they would go.  Fergy loved Ashley’s son, Michael.  Fergy was the big sister to Michael and she would play with him. 

Fergy loved her grandparents Jaime and Martha, she would call them “Tata” and “Nana.”  They would come home from work and play with her, take her to the park or everywhere they would go.  She was and is very loved by Tata and Nana.  Fergy’s parents always gave thanks to our Lord for allowing them to be parents of such a beautiful daughter.  They devoted their time to her and made sure she was happy. 

On September 29, 2011 a tragedy happened, and Fergy was involved.  Fergy’s parents, family and friends received the news that no one ever wants to hear, Fergy passed away.  The Lord needed an angel and he took the most beautiful child on this earth, our Fergy.  That evening as the family gathered, Fergy’s Nana wrote a beautiful poem for Fergy and in that poem she stated Fergy’s mission. “Leave love, joy, strength and courage, life for others who’s hearts will rejoice,” this is Fergy’s legacy.  Fergy became a tissue donor and she will enhance the lives of at least 80 people. 

Fergy our angel we love you!

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