Dustin Thomas Sandefur
Organ Donor
Age 19 - Dayton, TX
Hospital: Memorial Hermann

Dustin Thomas Sandefur was born January 8th 1991, and from the start Dustin was always a caring and giving person. Dustin was the middle child of three, with an older and younger sister, his was always looking out for them and taking his younger sister to school every day or when she needed a ride some where.


Dustin worked in construction ever since he was able to operate the heavy equipment. When Dustin graduated from High School he worked during the day and attended Lee Collage for Instrumentation at night.


Every chance Dustin got he was ether hunting, fishing, working on old trucks or hanging out with his friends and family. The day of Dustin accident we had when out to eat and went to Bass Pro Shop and looked at new boats.


When we got home Dustin left to go hang out with some of his friends and cook some of the fish he and his friend had caught that week. When Dustin left to head home in his truck, he had one of his friends with him. It began to rain and when he came around a curve to the right the rear of the truck came around and truck skid of the road into a fence and into a tree that impacted the drivers door. Dustin's friend only had a few scratches but Dustin was life flighted to Herman with severe head trauma, he never regained cogenesis. All kinds of test where run with no hope.


Dustin had always wanted to be an organ donor ever since he was a little kid, so seeing that wish was honored was a great feeling that he will live on and that is a great feeling for a family to have. If you have any doubt about being an organ donor please talk to someone about it, if you don't you will regret it. Thanks and please be a donor.
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