Diana Marie Lynch
Organ Donor
Age 56 - Leander, TX
Date of Donation: 09/18/2012
St. David's Hospital; Austin, TX

We have come to realize through our mother’s life just what it means to live a life of giving. Mom, Grandmother, Wife, Daughter and Sister, those are some very powerful words that represent the true meaning of love, dedication and living life by more than words.  It is said that actions mean more than words.

Diana Marie Lynch, Momma, was 56 and up to the day she passed from this earth on September 18, 2012 she was an example of living a life of actions; actions that were dedicated to selfless love. To know her was to love her; she was a beautiful person from the inside out.
In life, she gave family and friends love, laughter, friendship and joy.  It only makes sense that she would continue to want that for others.  One of Mom’s last actions in giving was to give life to others through her decision to donate her organs and tissue.  Mom gave us life and now Mom has given life to so many others.  Her memory will live forever in our hearts and now in other ways as well.

We are grateful for the time we had with our mother and so proud that her last gifts will provide others with the opportunity of love, laughter, friendship and joy.  We know she is smiling beautifully with pride and loves to be a part of something so special…Mom’s actions speak volumes of what was in her heart; love through giving the gift of life. 


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