Dereck Lopez

Organ Donor
Age 18 - Fort Worth, TX
Date Of Donation: 11/6/02

As a senior in high school, Dereck was a young beautiful vibrant teenager who was full of life ready to begin her own journey. She had dreams of becoming a kindergarten teacher and tae kwan do olympian. Dereck had a black belt in the sport and was a recipient of the gold medal the 2000 Junior Olympics. Her first love was her family and friends.  A loyal person was who she was; she was loyal to her martial arts, her studies and her faith in God. Just a few weeks before graduation and two weeks after she received her American citizenship, her life was cut short by a drunken driver.  To her family she was everything -- a loving daughter, sister, aunt and great friend. Her legacy continues through the gift of donation and through her nephew, Dereck Asbuck Lopez, born Aug. 7, 2004.
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