David Groneck
Living Donor
Date of Donation: 10/10/2012
Methodist Hospital; Houston, TX

We are praising God, with joy, for the new life that I’m experiencing as of 10/10/12.  This new life came  from our precious Lord thru our son, David Groneck, who is a chiropractor in Humble, Texas.  When I found out my kidneys were seriously failing and I needed dialysis, David, and many others, immediately volunteered to be a donor.  The other candidate’s that offered were not a match.  David continued to be tested.  We were to have surgery at St. Luke’s hospital in August, 2010. 

The day before the surgery,  we found out we were no longer a match.  It’s very difficult for a child to donate to a mother because of the antigens.  Our son would not give up and only encouraged me to keep the faith.  David strongly suggested we look for other possible donors for me.  Through a source, we found out Methodist Hospital in Houston has a swap program. We were thoroughly tested again and again for the program.  The nurses and doctors searched until they found a kidney for me, a doctor in Portland, Oregon.  She flew to Virginia and the kidney was flown here.  It was a perfect match.  It was all done through God’s will.  Since we were part of an eight person swap, the doctors found a perfect match to benefit from David’s kidney.  My son and I have recovered remarkably well.  In addition, the surgeons told David that his remaining kidney will take up about 70 percent of the other kidneys’ function. 

Our entire family is so grateful to David for his sacrifice to help me have a renewed life.  I gave life to him and he, in turn, gave life back to me. We learned through this whole process no matter what you are experiencing, you are never alone.  Don’t give up hope.  Faith in God will get you through anything.  He knows, He hears, He cares.

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