Collin James Shewbert
Organ Donor
Age 14 - Houston, TX
Date of Donation: 01/25/2012
Texas Children's Hospital; Houston,



Collin James Shewbert was born December 28th, 1997.  He was born in Tomball, Texas and grew up in Magnolia.  He is deeply missed by some lifelong friends he went to school with since he was 5 and many more after starting Junior High where all the elementary schools were combined.  He was honored throughout his life receiving many awards for his good grades and the way he represented himself in school.  From the President’s award in Elementary to the National Junior high Honor Society in Junior High, his achievements were outstanding.  He was also a cub scout throughout his elementary years starting in 1st grade and crossed over to become a boy scout in 5th grade but his love of sports consumed his time from that point on.

Collin played baseball since he was 6 years old and was honored by playing on many all-star teams.  He played basketball since he was 7 and by Junior High was on the A team.   He fell in love with the game of basketball and wanted to play it every minute of the day.  We built a basketball court by hand for him, ay with a light so he could play at night.  At the age of 14, he was 5’ 10” and growing quickly, wearing size 14 shoes.  He could palm the ball at age 13 and used his big hands to his advantage to control the ball. 

Collin was always a team player on all the different teams he played on and a team player with all of his friends and classmates.  He did not judge other people and was always helping out others with school work or by protecting them from bullying.  He always had a big smile on his face and could cheer somebody up when they were feeling down.  He liked people for the way that they were, not when they tried to be somebody else. 

On January 17th Collin was at basketball practice at the school and complained to the coach of a terrible headache.  An AVM had burst in his brain and even though he was rushed to the hospital and had immediate surgery, he lost his battle for life 8 days later on the 25th, when they declared him brain dead.  From the very beginning of this incident we had decided to donate his organs and other parts of his body through Life Gift, if God had decided it was time for him to go to heaven.  He was able to donate his lung, heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys to 5 deserving people to keep their hope of life on earth alive. 

Although we miss Collin immensely, along with all of his friends, we know that his time on earth was a treasured one and it has affected many lives and will continue to do so.  We have created a scholarship foundation in his name and will continue his legacy by honoring many great students and athletes to further their education as Collin would have enjoyed being part of.  Seeing his friends grow up and receive these awards I am sure brings a big smile to his face and warmth to his heart just knowing he was able to help them. 


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