Cecilia Solis
Organ Donor
Age 24 - Dallas, TX
Date of Donation:09/30/2007
Parkland Hopsital; Dallas, TX

Difficult Choices..... I remember looking at the MRI and hearing the Doctor telling me, "If she wakes up then this is how she will be for the rest of her life." I was holding my daughter when he told me that. I looked down at her and thought to myself. What do I do??? Questions of faith often come up, Someone asked me where was God that day. I told him he was in the same place when his son died.....Some people questioned my faith, that I should have waited. But I remember that feeling I had for a long time that God was preparing for something.......something hard. This was it.

The decision to let her go was mine, the decision to remove her from the ventilator, was mine and mine alone. I remember all eyes were on me on that day and I felt the weight of the whole world on my shoulders....because it was. She was my world, and she left me a little star in her image. Then they asked me to give....to give life, to donate her organs so that other may live. I always tell that even though doctors and nurses are trained to save lives, the reality is we can't save everyone. Sometimes we have to accept that we are going to lose someone, but that doesn't mean we can't save others. So we have to let go and as difficult as it was losing my wife at such a young age and raising my daughter essentially since she was a newborn, I take comfort in the fact that there is a mother who still has her son, a brother who still has his sister, a husband who still has wife.

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