Cassidy Rena Biggs
Organ Donor
Age 5 - Ft. Worth TX
Date of Donation: 03/05/2012
Cook Children's Hospital; Ft. Worth, TX


We are Blessed,

I do not really know were to begin were our little girl is concerned.  When my wife and I first saw Cassidy we fell in love. Cassidy’s first smile to us made us only made it more so, Cassidy was blessed with an abundance of love, it flowed out through her smile and infected our hearts. We knew that she was a blessing from our Heavenly Father, we just did not realize how much so, at the time.

Cassidy had Di-George syndrome (a deletion of the 22nd chromosome) along with most of the other complications that come with it. Through her life she never let it slow her down. Cassidy spent a lot of time in the hospital in her early years. During one stay she developed the Princess complex, she was taught the princess wave and we would walk her through the hospital in a little red wagon, still hooked up to all the IV’s. As she saw people in the hallway she would wave and smile that infectious smile. We were told she would probably not make it out of the hospital this stay. GOD had other plans.
We left the hospital with a feeding pump and a lot of do’s and don’ts. That did not last very long. She overcame the feeding pump, the thickened formula and went to solid foods. We made several other trips to the hospital for her condition but her smile and unfaltering love always helped us overcome all the tragedy. She would always know when we needed a warm smile. I cannot even begin to tell anyone how our lives were affected by her. Words cannot ever show the heart and all it entails.

Our prayer, as a family, is those who were blessed by Cassidy become a beacon of Love to others as they travel through this life. We know GOD blessed us beyond any form of measure; we have a Gracious and Wonderful GOD.  
To GOD be all the GLORY,

Kelly, Karen, Justin , Cheyanne, Ciarra, Joshua, Jeffrey, Caroline, Camille      

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