Brody Reville Fleming
Organ Donor
Age 24 - Fort Worth, TX
Date of Donation:  03/12/2012
Harris Methodist Hospital; Fort Worth, TX


I have experienced a mother's worst nightmare, a call from a nurse saying, "You need to come now."  My 24 year old son had suffered a massive stroke and was on life support in a Fort Worth hospital.

Brody Reville Fleming always marched to a different drummer.  He excelled far more in athletics than academics!  He always had a twinkle in his eye and a smirk of a smile that made you wonder what he was up to!  He was a constant work in progress until the day he drove past TEEX in College Station and felt his calling in life was to be a fireman/EMT/paramedic.  Brody wanted to join the "brotherhood," be a member of the family of firefighters.  He leaves behind a legacy of helping others and a passion for his job.

I am so proud of my son.  He believed in paying it forward.  While he will live on in our memory and our hearts; he gave quality of life to others through the donation of his organs and tissue.  He lives!
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