Brad William Crouse

Organ Donor
Lacrosse, WI
Date of Donation: 05/20/1999
Gunderson Lutheran Hospital

                Brad William Crouse was born with his twin sister on November 9th, 1983. His entire life he had a presence that people could not help but notice. Intelligence, an uncanny charm, a wonderful sense of humor and a gift of making friends with everyone and anyone burned him into the memories of everyone he met. Karate, football, computers, and videogames were his hobbies and passions. Although he spent much of his time working to save up to pay for his very first car, which he never got to drive, and with his girlfriend. He was always a leader and was never afraid to speak his mind. Especially when it was the right thing to do. Since birth, he took naturally to a job God had given him, which was watching out for his twin sister. He was always her protector, her confidant, and her best friend. His future plans were to join the military and become a military policeman. Eventually he wanted to attend college in the field of computers.

                He was accidentally shot in the head with a handgun on May 19, 1999. Everyone turned to his twin sister, who knew him best, to find out if he would be willing to donate his organs. Ironically, like twins do, they had just talked about it, liked they talked about everything, because they would be getting their license soon. On May 20th, Brad’s family donated everything that could be, as was his wish. Completely unselfish even in death, he helped to better and save the lives of many. Through a tragedy, there was peace in that. Brad would not have had it any other way.

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