Brad Wesley Bowers
Age 26 - Houston, TX
Date of Donation: 05/21/2010
Ben Taub Hospital; Houston, TX

We remember:

We remember when we brought Brad home from the hospital and how he turned out to be such a good baby, never crying and always by our side “what a lap baby he was”.  We remember how Brad always wanted to go with us everywhere and Oh! how he enjoyed being with his mom and dad.  We remember when he choked on a hot dog and it scared us half to death! We remember when he would wake up at the crack of dawn to go fishing with his dad…..he loved to fish and he fished well.  We remember how he would make me late to work because the seam in his socks did not fit right in his shoes and he would not move until they were just right.   We remember that infectious smile and those freckles and that gorgeous red hair.   We remember how he would play for hours and run in the house just for a drink of water and then run back outside.  We remember how he loved to play with “bugs” and bring stray animals home.  We remember when he told us he kissed a girl.  We remember when he played football and how the fans cheered.  We remember when he sang at the school play and got a standing ovation. We remember all of his illnesses as a child and young adult and how we nursed him back to health. We remember how his dad trained him for boxing.  We remember all the girls who thought Brad was "the one."   We remember when he got his first job and how proud we were of him.   We remember when he got his first car and how he spent hours washing it. We remember when he went on his school trip and how handsome he looked in his blue blazer.  We remember when he went to his first school prom and his dad let him wear his good watch, “how proud he was”. We remember how he always said he loved us after each telephone call.    We remember how strong and handsome and well-mannered he became as an adult.  We remember him sitting in the living room and watching T.V.  We remember how he loved to cook and how much he loved to eat.  We remember when we got the call that Brad was hit by a car by a “drunk driver.”  We remember the day Brad died and how it tore the depths of our soul out. We remember when Brad donated his heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys.   We remember meeting two recipients.   We remember the joy in the faces of those recipients because of Brad.   We remember our son, Brad, forever!!!!

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