Anthony Paul Groneman
gan Donor
Age  15 - Vega, TX

Anthony Paul Groneman: a son, a brother and a friend of many; he could enter a room and brighten everyone’s day with his smile. He was a 6 ft. tall sophomore in high school who would rather read a good science fiction book or play video games with his two brothers (one older and one younger) and his little sister, than play basketball.

Anthony was God’s server at church.  We would attend Saturday evening Mass and there would be our priest looking for Anthony (or for someone to show to help him with Mass). As soon as we would walk up to our priest, he had Anthony by the arm urging him to get ready.

He loved to joke and play jokes on family and friends, but he was never mean or hateful about it. He gave me a scare one time when I got home late from class and he jumped out at me whispering Boo! because his dad and siblings were already in bed. Of course, I shrieked and got us into trouble with his dad, but it was a good laugh for the two of us.

Anthony had chores and one of his responsibilities was taking care of our chickens. He would sit out in the chicken yard and talk to them or pet them. He told me he would tell them about his day at school and any problems he had with classmates or family. He was always good with his animals whether they were his pets, chores, or show animals.

God called Anthony home on Dec. 5, 2005. ; he died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in our back bathroom; us and the house tested negative for carbon monoxide.  It was a freak accident, no one could explain why or how it happened. The hot water heater was just a 1 1/2 year old. We use propane to heat our water, my husband and I was raised using propane and never knew that we would lose a loved one to CO poisoning. We now have carbon monoxide detectors in the back porch and in our living room and I’m always urging people to invest in carbon monoxide detectors for their homes.

I think God wanted/needed Anthony because of the goodness in his heart; a ready-made angel and He knew something was going to happen to our son that we would not have been able to handle. God takes care of us whether we approve of His ways or not.
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