Organ Donor

Dear Donor Family,


First of all, I want to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your loved one. The depth of pain you must be experiencing is unimaginable. I pray daily for strength for your family, and the gift of life your loved one has provided me.


I have two children a wonderful wife and a passion to pay back society for this miraculous 100% transplant recovery. I was diagnosed with liver disease in 1995 and endured a chronic illness for 15 years and near death when my transplant or gift of life was received.  Mentally I was drained and at the end of my rope so to speak, spiritually I was sound and strong.


On Easter Sunday April 4th 5:30am I received a call that a perfect match liver was donated and I was the primary recipient, I will never forget the spiritual and emotional experience that transpired that day. The surgery was extremely successful and I am forever grateful to your family and all who donate for life.


My transplant immediately gave me life and I was so emotional it chokes me up still today. I had forgotten what it was like to be normal or healthy, and it would have never been made possible if it wasnt for an extreme act of heroic kindness and humanity from your family member.


I'm writing this today in the hopes that someday we meet and I may grieve with you without intrusion I pray for the day I may express my gratitude and learn all that you may like to share about your loved one. Im reaching out in gratitude but certainly respect your decision and your privacy.


I currently attend a transplant support group regularly with a passion to give back as a caregiver to those still suffering in an effort to provide hope, as at one time I was right where they are.  All my intentions are by the grace of the lord as I live in his light to give back to society. I tell my close friends often how grateful I am and how somebody I never knew saved my life.


Please accept this gracious offer that I am available by phone or person, as I have so much respect for your family.


May God Bless,


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