Adrian Louis Camarillo
Organ Donor
Age 18 - Devine, TX
Date of Donation: 09/25/1994

Let me tell you about Adrian Camarillo, a young man who was eager to share his life as he kicked from within his mothers belly as if to say, “I want to get out there and start making my presence known!”

Since grade school, Adrian kept his teachers hopping.  One day, a wonderful teacher told Adrian’s mother, “Adrian uses his right side of his brain, they are highly skilled, talented, creative students.”  In Junior High, Adrian was elected President of the Student Council.  The Council planned an educational trip to Washington, DC.  The family didn’t have the funds to go.  Adrian thought he would write to Mayor Henry Cisneros of San Antonio.  Cisneros was so touched by Adrian’s story, he initiated a fundraiser and Adrian accompanied the Council as President.  Adrian showed leadership qualities.

Circumstances caused Adrian to grow up quickly at his tender age, protecting and caring for his mother.  When graduation approached, many of his friends were going to universities.  Adrian told them he wouldn’t leave his mother alone just yet, so he enrolled in a local junior college.  Adrian was studying Animal Husbandry, working part-time at a cattle ranch.  He shared with his mother one day, “Today I delivered a calf.  I reached inside the mama cow’s belly and pulled it out.  I gave it life!”  Unbeknownst to him, just ahead, he would truly give life.  Adrian loved life and found joy in giving of himself.

Adrian encountered an elderly lady, opening the door for her at a local bank, tipping his hat to her.  “Thank you,” she stated, “today is my birthday and I am 90 years old.”  Adrian replied, “well, let me give you a big hug and a kiss!”  She beamed as everyone in the bank looked on and clapped.  Adrian gave everyone his famous smile and out he went.  Adrian was caring.

A woman at Adrian’s funeral shared that her son was always bullied at school, saying, “Adrian seemed to know just when to show up.”  Adrian protected him at school.

He met a girl at church camp the summer of his fatal accident.  Her parents described Adrian as answered prayer for their daughter, stating they had never met a more hardworking, sincere and well mannered young man.  That in the short four months they knew him he had impacted their lives forever.  Adrian knew how to give godly love.

Adrian left lives changed for the better, leaving friend mystified by his uniqueness and kind heart.  His heart went to a man who had seven children.

His graduating class dedication a book in Adrian’s name and can be found at the Devine High School library.  You can find an Adopt a Highway sign coming into and leaving Devine in Adrian Camarillo Memory. This is a positive way for family and community to remember him.  Adrian was our gift.

Adrian lives through the five families who received his organs and corneas.  This was destined to be his legacy, his ultimate gift of life. 
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