Aaron Robert Ledbetter

Organ Donor
Age 17 - Bowie, Tx
Date of Donation: 2/26/1995
Harris Hospital Fort Worth, TX

  Aaron, I was looking for you today. Just wanted to talk with and see how you are doing. I looked in the house, then outside, but couldn’t find you. Even went to the barn to see if you were with the horses. Your motorcycle was in the garage, so you should have been near, nowhere could I find you. I had a vision of you in your tux, another of you with the high school Peer Assistant and Leadership group, still another of you playing varsity baseball. Do you remember our plans to go to the College Baseball World Series?   Later on, I saw us wrestling in the hallway, and your Mom asking what we were doing. We replied, “nothing.” I could see your impish, shy grin. I had all these thoughts and visions…..Then I awoke from one of my most pleasant dreams.

   I have had lots of these dreams, and some nightmares, in the 16 years since a drunk driver hit your car head-on. The 7 ½ hours of surgery. The trauma surgeon telling us of your injuries, and that you may not make it thru the night. The days and nights spent in the ICU at the hospital.  You never regained consciousness, and were pronounced brain dead 8 days later. We asked for The Life Gift coordinator to talk with us. We were in a position to help others in need. Aaron’s heart and kidneys could be transplanted. His other organs had been damaged in the crash.

  We now have extended families across Texas. We have met the recipients, their families and had several visits with them.   It was important for us to know Aaron’s organs went to good people.  Jack, the heart recipient passed a few years back, from cancer.  Jack had eleven more years with his family.  Bill who received a kidney, has since fathered two children, is doing well in Houston.  The other kidney recipient had a delayed rejection, and had to have it removed.

   As a member of the P.A.L. group, Aaron mentored 1st and 2nd grade children at the elementary school, and the teachers called him the “Pied Piper.”  At recess, children from all the classes would surround him on the playground, little hands in his pockets, fingers in belt loops, and arm around his legs. He could barely walk. With all the activity  around him, Aaron had time for each and every child.    

    I believe there are Angels among us.  Aaron was an Angel to the children, as well as to adults.  I also believe some of my dreams are him just dropping in to let me know he is fine, and walking with our Lord.  He had a compassion for others that you don’t see too often in today’s young people and his story continues to touch and change lives. 

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